Choosing the right seal for the job

Factors to be taken into consideration:

• The type of container that is to be secured

• The temperature range and conditions where the security seal will be used

• The length of time the container will be sealed and whether it will be supervised

• The value of the contents

• The numbering system best suited for the application and process (sequential or

• The method of control; manual or electronic (bar-code or RFID)

• The requirements for logistic management, colour or other coding

• Does a third party need to approve the security seal and/or procedure? (i.e. Customs)

Single use or electronic?

The first port of call is deciding whether to use a single use seal, or a reusable electronic seal. Each have their merits, and are suitable for particular applications.

Do you seal one item multiple times, or multiple items sealed singularly?

For sealing a lorry trailer, an electronic seal would be best, as the vehicle is sealed many times. It reduces the enviromental impact of your sealing, as well as providing a clear audit trail.

A single use security seal would be most suited to applications such as utility meters, post/mail bags, shipping cartons and tote boxes.

Once you've decided which would be more suited to your application, follow the appropriate link to the left to see the products we offer. With single use security seals, each type has its pros and cons, and it completely depends on the application as to which would be the best solution.

Fixed length or pull tight?

A fixed length security seal would be appropriate for sealing the doors of a truck or trailer, as in this application the seal isn't required to hold anything together, like tying a bag shut, it simply adds tamper evidence.

Using a pull tight security seal in this instance would put too much strain on the security seal if it was pulled tight, as they are designed to be, and it could break. Not pulled tight enough, and there's a risk of tampering, as the seal would have enough length left to be able to re-thread the tail through the head, or to be glued back into place - which may not be immediately noticeable. A quick visual inspection of a fixed length security seal would reveal any signs of tampering.

If a seal was required for an airline food or duty free trolley, then much like with the trailer seal example, due to flexing in transit, the appropriate seal would be a fixed length seal.

Plastic padlocks or high security padlocks?

Due to the confined space on board an aircraft, it would be better to use a plastic padlock seal than a standard fixed length seal, as these are more compact and offer single handed fastening. Unisto padlock security seals are also designed to sit flush against the body of a trolley fixture, so that they are not risking being damaged during transit.

For duty free trolleys, an extra level of security is often required. The Targo seal is a high security padlock seal, so while having the benefits of the plastic padlock seals' easy single handed sealing, the Targo would require a thief to come equipped with cutters, which are rather difficult to carry onto a plane!

Why use a security seal?

Why choose Unisto

Working closely with leading customers and industry specialists drives the development of innovative, high quality, user friendly products offering advanced levels of tamper evident security.

Our experienced team can be called upon to provide expert advice and solutions to suit your individual applications and requirements.

Unisto security seals provide reassurance and save time and money by providing a fast visual check of consignments. Sequential numbering gives the ability to track, audit, monitor and control, whilst optional bar-coding enables fast and accurate data capture. Company name or logo can be printed or laser marked for additional security.

For expert advice on the right seal for your application please get in touch.

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